Peripera Peris Ink & Moist Balm Set- In Depth Review

We women have different trips/ideas for doing our makeup every so often. It depends upon the situation and on our mood, once in a while I want a total makeover and sometimes I just want the simplest makeup look which we called the No Makeup Look Makeup. These days, there is a trend that booms in the beauty industry the Lip Ink/Tint. This became so popular especially in Korea. This is just so perfect lip product for our everyday natural mestiza makeup look.
It’s an ideal lip product that we can use daily, especially if we’re in a hurry and running out of time for some errands. Just pick this up put the magic on your lips, apply pressed powder straight onto your face without using liquid foundation, fix your eyebrows then put small amount of lip ink onto your fingers and pat gently while blending onto your cheeks then walahhhh you’re good to go!
You’re gonna have a quick makeup and you’ll be looked like mestiza on your pinkish cheeks and natural pink lips shade. This really a must have to us women, especially to those who doesn’t like lipstick. Because this lip ink/tint isn’t creamy it’s like your natural lip colour when the ink absorbed into your lips thoroughly.

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First things first, apply your favorite lip balm on your lips and leave for a few minutes to moisturize your lips. For those who have a dry chopped lips leave for 5 minutes or more, please put the right amount of balm on your entire lips.
Wipe it off the scraped damaged skin by using a wet cotton ball. After hydrating your lips, apply gently your Peripera Lip Ink/Tint. No need to smack/pat your lips while applying because the ink has a very thin consistency and it has a nice and  bendable stick wand applicator. So you can really create a nice and clean application.
It has a bit wide & thick bendable lipstick wand applicator.
It’s not a runny liquid ink and the scent is aromatic which is I really like to smell.
Time @ 11:10pm
I fell in love with the shade ” The Cutest Pink” It’s not obvious that I was just using a lip ink it looked like my natural pinkish lip shade and it makes my lips looked plump and supple!
after 2:30a.m
After 3 hours and 20 minutes this is the outcome. The upper lip doesn’t have enough stain it’s just leave a trace on the middle part. But the lower lip is still fine compared to the upper one. I wondered why the upper lip always have the same result everytime I apply my lip ink/tint on lips. Maybe because our upper lip has differences with layers compared to the lower lip?…  huhuhu! ;( I cannot really tell because it’s an anatomical explanation.
I felt not so hydrating after my three hours of wore.
TIME @ 10:30 a.m
11:10pm SWATCHED – 10:30 a.m 
After 10 hours and 20 minutes
After the ten hours of wore my lips feel dehydrated again and the colour of the lower lip is almost gone.
For me the Peripera Ink is pigmented but not as pigmented as my other lippies has . It has a peculiar type of pigmentation, during my test when this lip ink absorbed thoroughly on lips. The shade looked into my lip skin, which is a thumbs up for me it’s like my natural pinkish lip shade.
It looks much better with a lip gloss on top.
 1. Moisturize your lips regularly, in the morning and before bedtime.
2. Use a lip balm before applying any lip products.
3. Drink plenty of water everyday.
4. Avoid eating too much salty and too much spicy food.
5. Don’t lick your lips.
The packaging has good quality and the designs are so cute.
Made in Korea
Where to BUY
This is not a sponsored review, I only bought the product to try it out.
All what I have said and written here were based on my personal experience,
 point of view and expectations. This product it may works or it may not works for you.

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