Hello my dear friends, I’m back for another blog… (^_^)  this time I’m gonna be sharing  you guys about  “My Current Go-To Feeling TISAY Makeup Look ” this is just so simple to do and I’ve just fell in-love creating this kind of makeup look because the glow is so fresh and it feels like I’m back on my teenage youthful years. This is what I’ve always wore outside since my fellow beauty/makeup enthusiasts has influenced me.

” My Current GO-TO Feeling TISAY

Makeup Look | FabMomTV 2017 “


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In this makeup tutorial I didn’t used mascara, but I had just curled lash my natural lashes because that’s really how I do my Go To Makeup look in real life . I was just putting dark brown eye shadow on my lower lash line and a liquid eyeliner on my upper lash line.  To pop up those eyes without using mascara and false lashes because I don’t want it to be more dramatic. By the way, I’ve just had a new addition a TINT for my cheeks and eyelids instead of blush-on and eye shadow. So it turned out to be rosy “blooming” effects (^_^)


Applying TINT on my eyelids


TINT for my lips

By the way, in the video I’ve used liquid foundation “Pixel”  but I’ve often used pressed powder to set my concealer. If  I had enough time creating my Go To Look like what I did in the video. I applied foundation but if I ran out of time I escaped it. I just use Primer, Concealer and a great pressed powder for my combination skin because I’m oily on my T-zone area of my face  to set my makeup last whole day.


In my case, I’ve got some imperfections due to chicken pox attacks that was during my pregnancy with my second child.  So I can’t really escape the concealer to hide them hehehe! So you know now that concealer really changed my life and became a special part of my beauty life since then.

I’ve just fell in-love using an HD Concealer to hide those imperfections. Actually, I’ve just started collecting some HD concealers because oohhh my goodness gracious!… I’m becoming obsessed over HD concealer lolz! My makeup routine will never be complete without the magic that concealer gives! It’s like a “Wa-lahh it’s magic” from Ney to Yeyyy… hahaha! you know what I mean!


My Current Go-To Feeling Tisay Makeup Look 2017

Since I’ve been interested in using lip tints, it’s my often used lippy product and it’s really so perfect match for a Natural looking tisay makeup look “a filipino slang word term”  root word of mestisa.  It makes me feel young and look young 😉  gives a lightweight feels on lips, and a teenage glow blushing cheeks effect as if like I see my high-school ultimate crush hehehe! Not only for lips I also applied it on my eyelids and cheeks. As shown on my photo down below.


 TINT on my cheeks

This became too trendy makeup look in Korea, one of the best supplier of Lip Tints that I’ve known so far. Some Korean popular makeup brands are Peripera , Tonymoly , Benefit Cosmetics, The Saem just to name few. I’m one of their avid users because most of their tints are organic ones that made me hooked.

Good news, because now here in Philippines some beauty cosmetic manufacturers has just been manufactured organic tints too. They’ll have to ride the massive trend in the market because that’s always been part of their games.

I have some collection and they’re all organic ones. So meaning they’re safe for children and pregnant women  and  the recommended retail price is usually around at Php150 up to 250 each depends on the brand.


Photo shown down below are the makeup products I’ve used in the video, some of them are just locally made and others are from US.


  • Pixel Liquid Foundation
  • Tin’s Organic Lip Tint in shade Cherry (used for lip, cheek & eyelids)
  • ABH Contour Palette
  • Milani Bronzer
  • Nichido Pressed Powder
  • 3w Clinic Powder
  • Shawill HD Concealer
  • Nichido Lash Curler
  • Missha Layr Blurring  Primer 
  • Pink Kiss Lip Balm
  • Cool Brown Nichido
  • UD Primer
  • Shawill Liquid Eyeliner
  • The Balm Highlighter
  •  Tresemme Hair Spray 



So if you’re a teen, this makeup look is so right for you and appropriate for your age that doesn’t need a heavy makeup. If you’re  still a student  and want a budget friendly makeup babies to create this look. You can just use baby powder “Polbo” and if you want more makeup babies to tries out, there are so many affordable ones that can be sold over the counter like in Watson, HBC,  and other drugstore makeups.

Hope you enjoyed watching my makeup tutorial and had fun reading our new blog post. I did my best for you guys because that’s my only way of showing my love to you all. Please come back for more blogs and YouTube videos.


Take Care Always mwahhh!



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